Sunday, February 24, 2013

Transfer Day

Every six weeks we receive new missionaries and send others home who have completed their missions. When the new missionaries arrive, President Trayner interviews each one and decides where they are to serve within the Mission. They learn all about the mission,  receive training for driving cars, riding bikes, and are introduced to the Mission office staff. That night they are treated to a Texas Barbeque at the Mission home. Elder Choules and I help Sister Trayner prepare and serve this yummy dinner. New missionaries feast on beef brisket, barbequed chicken, ribs, potato salad, veggie tray, fruit tray, corn bread and for dessert texas sheet cake with Blue Bell ice cream.
The next morning they meet at the Mission office where they put their bikes together and meet their  companions.
Then it's off to their Zone.  Elder Choules and I drive a 12 passenger van loaded with missionaries and pull a trailer loaded with luggage and bikes to Harlingen and Corpus Christi. Depending on where each missionary will serve will determine if they go in the transfer van or in a car or truck.  Transfer Days are wild and hectic and super fun.  We love this drive. We love getting to know new missionaries and other missionaries who are just being moved from one area to another. We have learned that all missionaries are hungry so we pack a big plastic container full of sandwiches, cheese sticks, water, granola bars, chips, apples and a treat. 
Our trip to Corpus Christi by way of Harlingen usually takes us about four hours where we unload and pick up missionaries coming back to McAllen.  Then we drive back another four hours making for a very long day.  We are always grateful when we have delivered every missionary safely and arrived back home.  We know the Lord blesses all of us.
Elders Mecham and Farrel praying that they have it correct.

How many elders does it take to put a bike together?

It must go in the front!

Are we having fun yet?

President Trayner giving last minute instructions.

Sister Choules is ready to roll!

Climb in, the van is leaving!

Elder Stott with a pick-up load headed to Laredo.

What a handsome driver!