Sunday, April 8, 2012

Texas Size Storm

On March 29th we had a Texas sized storm.  It began raining, then the wind blew at 70 mph, then the hail came with 1 inch diameter frisbee shaped hail stones, and then it rained some more.  Oh yes, there was lightning and thunder throughout.  All in all it lasted about 3 hours and did lots of damage.   The way our apartment sits we had rain and hail hitting our kitchen sliding door and our front door. The hail stones hitting the windows and door sounded like gun shots. The storm dumped about 6 inches of rain.  Lots of damage in our area with broken windows, damaged roofs, and flooding. We were fortunate with no broken windows but we spent most of the time holding towels and rags up to the top of our windows catching water that was running down the inside. Several windows in our apartment complex were shattered. There were about 30 windows boarded up waiting to have glass replaced. Lots of cars in our parking lot have hail damage and two had their back windows completely shattered. We park under a metal cover but the front of the car sticks out and our car has hail damage too. We have to have our hood and right front fender replaced.
The mission home had their front windows broken out and several holes in the roof. Many homes still have plastic tarps covering their roofs. The roofing businesses and window shops are having a field day.
Some of the old timers tell us that this storm was worst than their last hurricane. We hope its not a preview of storms to come.

Standing at our front door, this is what we saw the next morning.

Even the dryer vents were not safe!
This was the north side of the apartment complex.

The mission home took a direct hit!

Missionaries from the area help out the neighborhood.

This was some of the wind damage at the mission office.
It looks like someone was shooting at the Colonel, but it was only hailstones!

This picture was taken at the end of April, a month after the storm and the windows had not been replaced.